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How It Works

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Phone Consultation

Schedule your free phone consultation to see if virtual speech therapy with Ellen is a good fit for you. After learning of your unique needs, Ellen will explain the timeline, expectations and pricing for therapy. After the initial phone consultation, an initial evaluation will be scheduled for the start of treatment.

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Treatment - LSVT LOUD for Adults with Parkinson's

  • 16 individual, 1-hour sessions

  • 4 consecutive days a week for 4 weeks

  • Sessions are focused on your personal speech goals

  • Daily homework practice

  • 100% Virtual

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Treatment for Childhood Speech and Language Disorders

  • Evaluation (standardized and/or non-standardized)

  • 30 minute sessions 1-3x per week

  • Bi-weekly progress check-ins

  • 100% Virtual

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Discharge Plan from Treatment

  • Home exercise recommendations

  • Educational resources

  • Scheduled tune up sessions

  • Virtual support group meetings (i.e. LOUD for LIFE)