LOUD FOR LIFE virtual exercise class

Loud for life group exercise

Are you an LSVT LOUD graduate looking for a vocal loudness exercise class led by a certified LSVT LOUD clinician? Look no further! Ellen Frank, a certified LSVT LOUD and LOUD for LIFE speech pathologist, hosts a weekly virtual group exercise class for LSVT LOUD graduates.

Classes are held via Zoom once a week for 60 minute long sessions for $47.99 per month.

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  • Help to maintain the improvements from therapy
  • Motivation to continue to practice LSVT exercises daily
  • Keep your voice strong
  • Keep your movements big
  • Reinforce calibration
  • Connect with other people who are living with this diagnoses
  • Camaraderie
  • Social interaction and support
  • Encouragement
  • Continue to learn tips and tricks from instructors and other participants
  • Enhance motivation to exercise in a fun way!

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Is LOUD for LIFE Right for You?

Clinically one of challenges many people face following therapy is how to maintain treatment effects over time.

  • Why?
  • •No longer regularly attending therapy
  • •Disease progression
  • •Other Medical complications
  • •Complacency: the feeling of "I am doing well, I don't need to do this anymore."
  • •Lack of motivation without supervision
  • •Sensory impairment impacting quality of the home exercise
  • •Apathy


  • What is LOUD for LIFE?
  • LOUD for LIFE is a weekly exercise class for LSVT LOUD graduates led by Ellen Frank, a certified LOUD for LIFE and LSVT LOUD clinician.
  • Can I join if I never completed LSVT LOUD?
  • No, LOUD for LIFE is specifically for LSVT LOUD graduates.
  • Is LOUD for LIFE considered group therapy?
  • No, LOUD for LIFE is an exercise class, NOT group therapy. Similarly, exercises in LOUD for LIFE are not a replacement for LSVT LOUD individual therapy. Your group leader may recommend that you be re-assessed by an LSVT LOUD clinician if you require specific one on one attention.
  • Is LOUD for LIFE covered by insurance?
  • LOUD for LIFE is an exercise class, not group therapy; therefore, LOUD for LIFE is not covered by insurance
  • Where is the LOUD for LIFE class held?
  • LOUD for LIFE classes will be held virtually via Zoom teleconferencing platform. Once you enroll in LOUD for LIFE classes, you will receive login information from Ellen via email prior to each class.
  • What can I expect from LOUD for LIFE?
  • Each LOUD for LIFE class is structured in the same way as LSVT LOUD treatment sessions. Members will complete "Ah" exercises for the first half of the class and structured conversational exercises for the second half.
  • When are the sessions?
  • LOUD for LIFE class times will be posted on this website under this "LOUD for LIFE" tab. Check this website for updated class times each week. Once you enroll in LOUD for LIFE, Ellen will also notify you of the scheduled date and time of the class by email.
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loud for life

A virtual group exercise class that includes structured loudness exercises and real world speaking activities specifically designed for LSVT LOUD graduates.

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